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I am Seth Wu, Group Division Director at Navis, Huttons. I have been in the real estate industry since 2012. Coming from a financial/investment advisory background prior to joining real estate industry, I have provided value-added professional services to many clients, associates and friends. I am able to handle almost any types of property transactions, from Commercial and Industrial properties, to Landed and Condominiums, to New Launches and HDB flats, and even sales of land or building.

I'd like to extend my many years of professional experience to You via Talking Property SG. This is my platform for Real-Estate related services, advisory and sharing.

For my vlog and blog click BLOG. For property advisory and planning, please click Advisory & Planning.

The journey is far from the end, and there is so much that I have yet to learn. Whenever I learn something new that is beneficial, I love to share to others out there because I believe the more I share the more I can learn and the more the world can be better.

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Being a leader in Navis and Huttons Asia, I believe that leadership is about how others can be better, stronger and more successful in their personal development, business and finances. I always believe in my team.

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Selling, buying and renting properties are no longer so straight forward like the days of old. In today's market condition and the complexity of our society & Government policies, it must involve much professional consultation, planning and execution.

Property can even be an effective investment tools to achieve your life goals and dreams, but many times we are not sure where to start.

I am the Realtor who can advise, plan and execute your property wealth planning in accordance to you and your family needs, desire and dreams. If you like to have a complimentary consultation sessions (face-to-face or online) to understand more what options you have, please click here to fill in your details, and I will arrange for a session with you.

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