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The "L" Factor: Greater Southern Waterfront

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The 'L' Factor is our new series that have us discuss about various localities, its development and potential. Today we will look at the Greater Southern Waterfront.

Watch the vlog below. If you prefer to read, please scroll down further.

In any property investment, there are 3 important factors: Location, Location, Location.

The L Factor series will focus on a certain locality and share with you the developments.

That’s right, the much talk about Greater Southern Waterfront or GSW. The plan was first announced in 2013, and during 2019 National Day Rally, Prime Minister Lee gave more details.

What will be developed at GSW?

There are many development coming up at GSW, and these development are likely to have a positive effect on the residential properties.

I will point out 3 developments today.


GSW will have 9000 residential units to be built on a land size as big as 2 Punggols! This land is consider a prime location with sea-front and modern luxury living. It will attract many home owners and investors. This will consist of private condo development and HDB flats.

It has been announced that HDB flats will not be cheap, so much so that they are working on a new pricing model.

The new private condos are expected to be more expansive too.

All these very probably may affect the existing condos in a positive way. There are a few condo development that likely could benefits from GSW development.


With Singapore first underground substation to be built next to Labrador Park MRT, more offices will be built, including one on top of the substation.

New office district is very likely to have many positive effects, including increment of employment, better commercial and residential values and demands, and a more vibrant and positive lifestyle and night life. And this lead me to the 3rd point.


Palau Brani will be redeveloped into a entertainment and tourist attraction hub. This will include

- Rebuilding 2 power stations to a night light entertainment destination

- Co develop with Sentosa for another attraction like Universal Studio,

- Downtown resorts and many more.

All these will attract many more tourists and locals alike, boosting the vibrancy and the economy. Indirectly could positively affect the residential and commercial properties at GSW.

Live, Work, Play are what is revolving around GSW development, with the objective of boosting many vital parts of Singapore economy and property markets.

There are a few existing Condos which we think can benefit much from this major development over long term.

If you are keen to find out more about GSW and the condo projects or like to be updated of new vlogs, please leave your contact details (at "sign up and stay updated") below and we will be in touched with you soon.

**all data and information extracted from URA and OrangeTee & Tie Research & Consultancy. The content and information provided is for general information only. It should not be treated as an invitation or recommendation to buy or sell any specific property or product. Each illustration in the presentation or article is based on current information as at the date of publication. Readers are to consider the content as one of the many factors in making investment decision and should seek specific investment advice. Readers should carry out their own due deligience or verification of such information. The author and publisher of the article are not liable for any losses. All right reserved.

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