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How do you upgrade from

HDB to Condo

A simple

Step by Step guide below

This apply if you are upgrading from a EC or private

*Photos are for illustration only

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Step 1:

Know Yourself

◾ Determine current property sales price

◾ Possible Sales proceed

◾ Loan eligibility & maximum new property price

◾ Current savings (Cash & CPF)


Step 2:

What Is Next?

◾ Identify new suitable properties

◾ Preferred Locations

◾ Ideal Size for you and family

◾ Possible new property price

◾ Financial planning

◾ Time line planning

◾ Transition planning (1).jpg

Step 3:


◾ Marketing of current property

◾ Viewings and follow up with potential buyers for offer

◾ Negotiating and sales of current property

◾ Shorlist possible new properties

◾ Viewing of shortlist properties

◾ Negotiating and purchasing of new property

Above is a simplified guide of upgrading your property.

In planning for property upgrade, there are many issues to take into consideration. For example, Government regulations, current market conditions, competitions when marketing property, your unique circumstances to take into consideration, just to name a few.

If you like to have a better experience and smoother upgrading process, I am able to hand-hold you step by step to owning your dream home property.

If you like to have a consultation session to understand more, please leave down your contact details below and allow me to arrange a time to meet up. I hope to see you soon.

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